Improve recycling efficiency using real-time computer vision

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Recycling is an important component in creating a sustainable and circular economy. Over the recent decades we as a global society have made some small steps in the effort to stop climate change, but the recent IPCC report points to the urgency of reducing emissions.

While people in many cultures over time learn and teach each other to recycle correctly, it is still an error-prone process.

Feedback is most effective is at the time of disposal, at the site of recycling sorting and directly in response to the individual’s actions. Personally I have observed citizens hesitating while recycling and lazy tourists dumping rubbish in any receptacle. Whatever the reason such a system would have an effect on improving the accuracy of objects being placed in the correct containers, resulting in lower contamination. Even for people who don’t care, having immediate feedback could prevent mistakes and act as a teaching tool.

Please visit the RecycleVision website for more details.