Cultural False Dichotomies

As humans we naturally tend to categorize and compartmentalize. Political left vs right. Male vs female. Race A vs race B. The danger arises when people exert pressures to coerse those that do not conform completely in one group or another. The result is a disturbing lack of middle ground in a culture full of false binaries where individuals lying outside of these poles are often marginalised, ridiculed, or worse are faced with violence.

The following is a visualization of this polarization.

Two Maps

The web mercator based split map to compare countries or places in the world can be grossly inaccurate as much of the world do not lie along the equator. While researching another project I found Cesium which renders the globe accurately in 3d, so I made a new version using Cesium.

Two Maps (Mercator)

I’ve always, whether because of planning a walk, a trip, or just curiosity, wondered how large city X is compared with city Y, or say how Hawaii compares to the Canary Islands.

For example if I’m going to Hawaii and want to drive around the island, getting a sense of the distances relative to a place or area I’m familiar with would give me a better sense of what itinerary is manageable during a day or during the trip given the driving involved.